Does Castle Rock Adventist Hospital Offer Pulmonology Services?

Centura Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is a 50-bed intensive care facility that provides comprehensive medical care to the metropolitan community of Castle Rock and its surrounding areas. Lisa Bateman, the director of outpatient services at Centura Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, is devoted to ensuring that each patient receives high-quality, safe and effective care to meet their individual needs. The hospital is renowned for its small-town charm, its community events for the whole family, its plentiful parks, trails and open space. Ambassador Outreach volunteers bring information about the hospital to the local Castle Rock community by participating in local events throughout the year outside the hospital.

The Castle Rock Adventist Health Campus also offers wellness programs and has an educational center as part of its philosophy of health awareness and community outreach. 3D mammography for breast care is available in Colorado's first sensory room for a calming and welcoming mammography experience. In addition, Castle Rock Adventist Hospital provides breast screening and diagnostic care at its facilities. The Family Adoption Support Program at Centura Castle Rock Adventist Hospital offers services to support adoptions that are tailored to the wishes of patients and adoptive parents. Front desk volunteers greet all patients, visitors and hospital staff so that they feel comfortable and have a positive impression of Centura Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. So, does this hospital in Castle Rock, Colorado offer pulmonology services? The answer is yes! Centura Castle Rock Adventist Hospital provides pulmonology services to its patients.

The pulmonology department offers a wide range of services including diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis, pneumonia, lung cancer, sleep apnea, and more. The pulmonology team consists of experienced physicians who are dedicated to providing quality care to their patients. Centura Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is committed to providing quality healthcare services to the people of Castle Rock and its surrounding areas. With its pulmonology services, the hospital ensures that its patients receive the best possible care for their respiratory conditions.